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Maid to Clean Reviews

At Maid to Clean, we strive to be the best Maid Service in Orlando. Our experienced maids uphold our high standards and will clean to your specifications. But, don’t just take our word for it, listen to what some of our customers have to say.

“Hiring Maid to Clean was the best decision I have ever made! The maids always arrive on time, and I am able to schedule my cleaning around my time. I love coming home to a spot less house! Maid to Clean never cuts any corners! Not to mention, they use eco friendly products that are safe for my pets, and young children. There is no cleaning service out there that measures up to Maid to Clean!”


“About a year ago I switched from a major cleaning service to Maid to Clean. The other companies made me feel like they were only interested in my money and nothing else. At Maid to Clean this is not the case! The staff is polite and personable always making me feel like I am an important an valued customer. Even better, you can’t beat the cost for the services they provide. My house have never been cleaner in the last 10 years! You can’t go wrong with Maid to Clean!”


“I started using Maid to Clean as soon as I moved into the area. I was astonished at the quality of service they supplied. Never in my life have I been this satisfied with a cleaning service! I recommended Maid to Clean to all my family and friends, and they too agree that Maid to Clean is the best service in Central Florida!”


“Maid to Clean truly aims to go above and beyond! Never have I found another company so determined to provide the best service possible! I can call the company any time to schedule cleanings, ask questions, and I am even able to specify any important things I need done. Maid to Clean satisfies all my expectations of a cleaning service. I never have to call to complain because the cleaning is always flawless! The only time I call is to make sure they know how satisfied I am!”


“My whole neighborhood uses Maid to Clean! There’s no doubt that Maid to Clean is the best cleaning service I have ever used! They always arrive on time, take care of all my cleaning specifications, are polite and personable, they even are great with my pets! The cleaning is always perfect, and lasts week to week. Even better, Maid to Clean uses eco friendly chemicals that never leave a fowl  bleach smell, and never damage any of my valuables! Maid to Clean is the best cleaning service out there, and you can’t beat the price!”