Orlando Spring Cleaning Checklist

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Maid to Clean is here to help you get your spring cleaning done. After the long winter in Orlando, it’s time to refresh your home for spring. Here are some tips of what you should do to keep you home looking it’s best. Maid to Clean will be happy to help you with all your spring cleaning needs. An added bonus to hiring us to do your house cleaning in Orlando is that we use all green products. So not only is it clean, but it’s also safe for your family and pets.


Wax Vinyl, Linoleum, Tile and Stone Floors. Use Vinyl and linoleum polish to wax floors that have scuffed and dull through the winter months. You can use paste or liquid was for stone and tile floors to restore them to their original luster.

 Walls and ceiling cleaning. Dust, dirt and grime can cover everything during the winter months when you home is closed off with little fresh air coming in. You can actually vacuum the walls and ceilings with a hand vacuum or wand attachment. Clean kitchens with a solvent-free cleaner that can cut through grime, but make sure try it out on a small unseen area first so that it doesn’t remove paint or colors in addition to dirt.

 Clean Window Blinds, Curtains, etc. Cleaning instructions for each window covering will depend on the material it is made out of. You can put drapes and curtains in the washing machine, but check instructions first to make sure the fabric isn’t dry-clean only. If you have wooden blinds, a damp cloth or paper towel will do. Metal and vinyl blinds can be cleaned with mild dish soap and a little warm water.

Give your home a thorough dusting. When dusting, don’t forget about the tops of ceiling fans, electronics like televisions and computers and inside window and door frames. Start at the top of a room and work your way down. You can vacuum dust that ends up on the floor.

Wood Furniture Wax. Remove dirt and dust with a damp cloth water and a mild soap. Apply wood furniture wax with a cotton towel or pad. After the wax is dry, remove with a clean towel.

Clean the rugs. Sweep rugs with a vacuum. You may want to then shampoo rugs with a professional rug cleaning machine. Soak spots and stains with a rug stain remover.

There’s nothing like a freshly cleaned house in the spring. Now is a great time to do your cleaning when you can open the windows and doors before the heat of summer. Of course, you can skip all of these steps and let Maid to Clean do you spring cleaning. You’ll get the best results and save yourself time and effort. Call us today for a spring cleaning estimate. We’ll beat competitor prices!